Cosplay Guests

Lemon Drop Cosplay


 Shemayne of Lemon Drop cosplay is an Alabama based cosplayer. She began cosplaying after being introduced to it by her cosplay partner, Carolina, nearly five years ago. Since starting with very little experience in sewing and most fabrication, she has since garnered an array of skills that grows with every new costume she makes. Now many of her costumes focus on fabric construction, including creating her own patterns, with many accessory elements made by sculpting and casting. Cosplay has become a creative outlet for Shemayne and she strives to continually improve in her capabilities and inspire others to do the same. 

Okami Queen Cosplay


 Tiffany of Okami Queen Cosplay is a Tennessee based cosplayer. She started cosplaying in August of 2018 and has since started building her own props and outfits to make them her own. She is better known for gender bending male characters and making them her own style. She started working with EVA foam and sewing and is continuing to learn and build bigger and better cosplays and props. She is always looking for the next big cosplay build and enjoys learning as she goes. She hopes to inspire other new cosplayers to continue learning and never give up!

Suzanne's Cosplay


  Suzanne is a professional cosplayer from Alabama who began making costumes and attending conventions in 2006, when she won her first costuming award at Anime South.

An avid gamer since childhood, her first inspiration for cosplay came from playing the Final Fantasy franchise and has continued to grow ever since. After learning to sew with her aunt at age 16, she continued to expand her skills into prop and armor making over the next decade. She is a regular guest and panelist and conventions throughout the Southeast, and loves sharing her skills and knowledge with the cosplay community.

Although creating complex and accurate costumes is what drew her to the hobby, the friendships she has cultivated along the way are what kept her coming back for more.

Yami Atem


 Jon Patterson of Yami Atem is a North Georgia cosplayer. Started cosplay in April of 2018, with the idea of bringing forth a realistic looking anime costume. Little experience in sewing, crafting and he has a natural talent of working on a budget to achieve the best possible costume. Inspired by other cosplayers in Canada and inspired by Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! Jon used fan art and official art to create the most realistic Yami Yugi costume that turns heads at each convention he attends. Known as Yami Atem on FaceBook has garnered a following of many Facebook friends and followers in a short amount of time. Setting trends, setting the bar on realistic anime cosplay to be on par as their anime counterparts on TV, he is a cosplayer that people flock to see anime cosplay done accurately.