Acceptance*Awareness*Advocate <3 We cosplay for a cause. Autism is mystery. Our family uses Cosplay as a way to connect with Individuals with Autism. The Autistic Jedi and R4 use the force to help others learn about Autism and communicate.  Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders see the world with different eyes and they communicate differently.  Torrie uses R4 to help break down the barriers between herself and her peers.  Mom is an Autism Speaks Volunteer Advocacy Ambassador. Melissa spends time with Legislators helping to develop and pass laws to better benefit the Autism Community.  Dad uses his knowledge and expertise of the force to fabricate cosplays for individuals.  Chris and Torrie developed a love for Star Wars and together they make the Galaxy more Autistic friendly! 

Hero Droid BB-8

Raffle for Awareness

We will be taking donations for Autism Speaks in exchange for a chance to win a Spinmaster's Hero Droid BB-8. The Hero Droid BB-8 can be found at The Autistic Jedi & R4 booth. Let's raise some republic credits for this wonderful cause.