Bryan SilverBaX has lived many places, but currently calls Marietta, GA his home. Bryan served over 6 years in the US Army and later 7 years as a police officer. He has since turned his focus toward becoming an established artist in the world of comic books.

Having been a comic book fan since the early 90's, Bryan has always wanted to be a comic artist. Over the past few years, he has started to make his dream a reality by doing artwork for independent comic books as well as working with Topps and Upper Deck.

Bryan is a sketch card artist that has done licensed cards for Marvel Comics, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and more. Bryan is also a nerd culture t-shirt designer whose work has been featured on,,, and many others. Some of his shirts have even been bought for licensing by WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

Bryan SilverbaX is currently creating his first self-published comic, Year Zero, while still working with other independent comic creators and appearing at several conventions in the southern United States.

Bryan Silverbax


Eddie Price is an artist from Northwest Georgia. He has quickly built his fan base with his unique 3D art, keeping the audience turning heads and becoming known as "that 3D guy". Eddie is also an international artist for Topps and Upper Deck, with various completed projects such as Marvel, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Star Wars and more. In addition, Eddie is a fan favorite among The Walking Dead character actors and has completed over 20 fan art requests to date.

Eddie Price

 Elise is an illustrator and animator currently living in the cozy countryside of Jasper Alabama. Since childhood, all she has ever wanted was to create art. For the past few years, she has worked with Upper Deck creating illustrations for Marvel collector's card sets. Animation being her passion, she has had the opportunity to work with animation studios such as Creative overdose as an animator and character concept designer on their original content. She has also worked with Doctors and Cardiologists creating medical animations.  Elise is currently working on her independent comic  "Night and Day". She plans on creating a cartoon mini-series out of it in the future. But for now, she continues working on putting out the first full issue in the coming years. 

Elise M.P. Strong

 World-renowned illustrator, author, comic strip artist, and songwriter, Guy Gilchrist is best known as Jim Henson’s cartoonist.  He created the “Muppets” comic strip (printed worldwide in 660-plus newspapers daily from 1981 to 1986), and was instrumental in Henson’s “Fraggle Rock,” and the creation of “The Muppet Babies.” Some of his iconic Muppets artwork was enshrined in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and his work was declared a National Treasure in 1984 by First Lady, Nancy Reagan. Throughout the years, Guy Gilchrist has set his hand to some of the most beloved, high-profile cartoons, such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Looney Tunes,” “Tom & Jerry,” “Tiny Toons,” “The Pink Panther,” “Minnie Mouse,” and others. 

Guy Gilchrist


James E. Lyle (a.k.a. Doodle) is a professional cartoonist and illustrator who has been working in the comic book industry for the past 30+ years. Besides drawing comics for various publishers he's also contributed illustrations to various magazines, advertising art, and tee-shirt screen prints.  

Doodle is a full member of the National Cartoonists Society and presently serves as the Chairman of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society, as well as host to the Western North Carolina (Asheville) cartoonists group (which meets monthly at Frank's Roman Pizza to eat and pass around samples the old-fashioned way). 

James Lyle


I am a writer, editor, filmmaker, webmaster, comic fanboy, and co-founder of New Legend Productions. (If you haven't heard of us, that's okay. You will.) 

Michael Gordon