You must be an amateur – this means you have been performing burlesque/boylesque for less than a year and you are not currently a member of a professional burlesque troupe, nor have you taught burlesque. You must be at least 18 to compete.

The Vamp Valley Vixens welcome contestants of all genders, ages (over 18, of course), sexes, sexual orientations, body types, sizes, races, ethnicities, national origins, abilities and disabilities, creeds, and aesthetics.

You must do burlesque. This means that you must perform striptease to whatever level you are comfortable.

You must wear at a minimum: nipple pasties and underwear that covers at least 2″ on either side of your crack (aka, no thongs). You can wear MORE than this; this is the *bare* minimum, if you will.

Your song must be between 2.5 and 4.5 minutes long. You must send us your music (in MP3 format) at least one week before the show. Please send music to  Please include your name and cosplay in the subject line. 

We will provide a stage kitten who can help set any props you might have as well as pick up your clothes at the end of your number. Stage kittens will NOT do any additional cleaning after your number. This means no liquids, food products, glitter, or any  other messy substances can be left on stage. If you really want to include messy materials in your number, you must bring your own tarp and have a clean-up plan.

Invite your friends. There will be 6 professional judges. The most important, seventh judge will be the audience. This means the more people you bring to vote for you, the better your chances of winning the audience vote. And let’s be honest, you want  people to see you! So invite everyone you know!

Have fun! Yes, this is a competition. And yes, this may be your first time on stage (which can be nerve-wracking). But burlesque is also supposed to be fun! And we want to make sure you have a great experience!