Cosplay 101

 Thinking about cosplaying but don't know where to start? Are you already cosplaying but need help? The Cosplay 101 panel is an information Q&A covering the basics of cosplay, to safety, self-awareness, and much more. The panel is run by Go Big or Go Home Cosplay. And she is here to help you, so ask any and as many questions as you like. 

Women in Cosplay

 Are you someone who loves to Cosplay? Come join Bewitched Raven Cosplay for a one hour panel to discuss the impacts, challenges, choices, and social/psychological views that face women in the cosplaying community. We will talk about how to overcome any struggles women may face in cosplay and how to overcome those to empower the female cosplayer. 

ghost hunting 101

Paranormal Investigators ghost hunters


 GHOST HUNTING 101 is geared towards people who have always been interested in the paranormal or have watched it on TV and want to experience it. It is NOT meant for the experienced investigator or for ghost hunting teams. 

More Panels Coming Soon