Guidelines & Rules

Metrotham Con Cosplay & Prop Venue Rules (2020)

Metrotham Con Cosplay & Prop Rules

  • Costumes that resemble actual public law enforcement (local and federal) are prohibited.
  • Wearing masks, or other objects that completely cover the face, cannot be worn outside of convention grounds.
  • Full or partial body paint costumes are permitted, but must be sealed to prevent staining on other persons or venue property. Do not apply paint, whether it is to finish a last-minute prop or for body painting, in venue bathrooms, as doing so may potentially damage the property. Please apply paint at your own risk in hotel rooms as you are responsible for any permanent stains and marks.
  • No swastikas, or any symbols, or use of language representative of hate groups.
  • Costumes with leashes, loose metal chains, and unkempt cords should be kept close to or attached to the body and costume. Any loose objects may cause damage or injury to surrounding persons.
  • Any items meant for real world offensive or defensive purposes for costumes are strictly prohibited. Examples of weapons include expandable batons, self-defense sprays (mace, pepper, bear, etc), tasers, flails, brass knuckles, etc.
  • Live steel is strictly prohibited. Live steel includes swords, knives, shurikens, bayonets, or other metal objects with a sharp edge. Additionally, any live steel purchased from a vendor must stay boxed or be removed from the venue immediately after completion of sale.
  • Props must be no more than four feet long. Props longer than four feet can be carried and assembled in pieces for photography purposes only.
  • Prop guns are allowed only with an orange safety tip. Projectile weapons, or disabled projectile weapons are not allowed. Such weapons include active and working air guns, airsoft weapons, Nerf guns, and bows.
  • Prop bows are allowed on event grounds, as long as they are NOT equipped with actual bowstring or other alternatives such as yarn, twine, or similar material, and is not tightly attached to the bow.
  • Do not take advantage of a prop to harm those around you, even if it's between friends in an "in-joke" manner.
  • Recreational props with wheels such as skates (inline or boxed), skateboards, scooters, and bicycles-- even if wheels are lockable, are not permitted. This does not apply to wheel chairs, strollers, or wagons for children.
  • Bare feet and stilts are prohibited in convention and hotel areas.
  • Avoid blocking doorways or heavy traffic areas. For photo opportunities, please find a place with more room for everyone else, and be mindful of other people around you.
  • Costumes with signs are permitted as long as they are part of the character portrayed, and must be used within venue grounds. Signs must not indicate solicitations, offensive material, or include requests for anything that violate personal space.
  • Failure to adhere to any policy can result in expulsion from the convention. Remember, if you have any doubt, you can always contact us before the event or check with security staff at the convention.
  • All props are to be checked with Metrotham Con security to be peace-tied. No exceptions. Even if a prop passes the above rules, they are subject to review by Metrotham Con staff. You may be asked to discontinue use of, and have the prop in question removed from venue grounds immediately.